Friday, March 14, 2014

Reduce. Reuse. Relive.

I've been meaning to come back to this for a long, long, very unnecessarily LONG time. I have been neglecting my blogging schedule, for a life of winter hibernation and crafts-making. Which, isn't really the worst way to spend -30 degree days, nevertheless, I have decidedly sat my derriรจre down in front of this endless screen of information we call, a computer.

So, here I am, with good news, I did not waste away my life for the past months... years? How long has it been? No, really, how long has it been?

I have taken up quite a chunk of my time for the good of the world, one small recycling step at a time.
I would like to introduce you to, ahem, drums please, my first ever clothing line!!! (Hold the applause).

After seeing the stats on how much clothes are thrown out and sent to landfills each year by North Americans alone (millions of tons), I was left with the gross feeling in my stomach I get when I shop at the Dollar Store. Knowing how fast and cheap these clothes are to make, it is easy to see a growing disregard for humans as workers and for the environment as nothing more than disposable resources.
This should cause some anger in people from all over the world, after all, we only have one mother earth, one place to live and to nurture future generations of earthly caretakers. This is hard to get across to a majority of people, since the media bombards us with brainwashing information everyday, ads that make us always want more and never be quite satisfied with our belongings or with ourselves. That is the secret of marketing, and what keeps you frivolously putting your hard earned money right into mass corporations' dirty pockets.

Now, I know that slowly, a global awakening is happening to these kinds of attacks to people and to nature, but that may not be fast enough for us to fix the vast damages we have already induced.

Vintage clothes and thrifting have become popular options within a younger generation, looking for out of the box (or out of the mall) styles to incorporate into their wardrobes. Shopping vintage is great, for the most part, the clothes from 20+ years ago are a lot better quality for about the same price as something you would pick up at a mass retailer. They are unique, one of a kind pieces. And most importantly, saving wonderful articles from ending up in landfills, which cover up so much of our beautiful earth already, is amazingly helpful to the environment!

Thus, I have started my own line of eco-friendly upcyled clothing, for those who cannot find vintage clothing that fits properly, doesn't have terrible shoulder-pads, or simply vintage never fits their personal style. For this process, I rescue clothing from locals who would like to get rid of clothes and would like to donate them to me, from thrift stores where the more undesirable pieces do not sell, and from vintage liquidation sales. Then, I alter, re-purpose, dye or hand paint the clothing to give it a modern look and voila! (Now you may applaud)

I give you all the birth of BOHEMIO on Etsy.
Please shop conciously:

Hippie Blooming Flora Shawl   Oriental kimono style peplum

Distressed Dip Dye Peace Tank   High-waisted shorts with asymmetric floral print
Denim & Floral Patched Button-up

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Il Mio Bohemio

The humble beginnings of a recycled clothing/ jewelry line that goes by the name of Bohemio.
Check, check, check it out.

Black Flower Vintage's ultra funky display for Bohemio during Toronto's Vintage Crawl Septermber 2013.
If you live in Toronto and you didn't know.. now you know. Swing by and visit the cool cats of Black Flower and take a peek at my repurposed knick-knacks. Do it!

All I can say for Bohemio is.. stay tuned kids..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I've CHOSEN Sales

One of my most frequented downtown vintage shops is having a MASS sale this upcoming Saturday March 9th and Sunday March 10th to get ready for their new spring-summer vintage picks. The sale starts both days at 12pm and ends at 6pm on Sunday. See you there!
Chosen Vintage: 960 Queen Street West # 13 on the map...


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Die For Rodarte Tie Dye

Imagine yourself at a futuristic seance... in a warehouse... where you and all of your psychedelic warrior chick and punk pixie friends are gathered to listen to some rocking tunes around circles of electric flashing rainbow coloured light beaming posts. No imagining needed, I know, I do that pretty much every day...
Now, that is what I call setting a scene, and if anyone can pull off something so simple and make it look as surreal and undoubtedly chic and cool, it is definitely the ever evolving avant-garde stylings of the Rodarte sisters. I am completely entranced by their fall 2013 show, and can't stop wishing I could walk down the street with one of these enchanting flowing tie dyed and futuristic structured robes, or be even nearly cool enough to rock angel wings on the back of a pixie ballerina inspired dress and not have people stop me on the street to tell me halloween isn't for another 8 months. I guess I will have to dream of Rodarte gowns and leave the strutting of said wonderfully magical pieces to... erm... more Amazonian type ladies. Oh, these are the times I wish I didn't need caffeine injected into my little short self about six times daily.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Holiest of Shoes

If you were to ask any shoe addicted fashionista what they consider to be "the holiest" in shoe design they would probably throw some names at you such as Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. Pope Benedict XVI, however, has taken the godliness of fashionable shoes to a whole other level. As most of us who live above social boulders would be savvy about by now, the countdown to the Catholic church's most recent pope is nearing its last days before total resignation from the post. Most regrettably, some changes to his usual attire are in order, he has been asked to return his one of a kind "ring of the fisherman" bearing his personal seal and surrender his flashy red loafers "in the name of God". But don't fret for "His Holiness", Benedict the XVI and his fabulous handmade red shoes (only fabulous people such as him or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz could pull off such magical shoes), you can still spot him sporting his usual white robes... although you may have more trouble telling him apart from the other religious figures now, and well, I wouldn't blame you. But hey, maybe he will give mauve a try next? There can't be rules against a man wanting to look his spiffiest while fulfilling his religious destiny can it? What kind of crazy world do we live in anyway!

The famous signature holy loafers... behold, this guy knows how to keep it funky while on the job!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bonnaroo 2013 Is BANANAS

Music freaks around the globe will agree that this year's Bonnaroo line up is, like Gwen Stefani said, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Now, usually I am more inclined to the Coachella crowd (they do have RHCP.. so thumbs way up!), but this year Manchester Tennessee's farm land festival took shit seriously, although I think nobody can surpass a Tupac hologram, that is sadly old news Pac. The 4 day line up is insane. I mean Paul McCartney insane, I mean Nas-Wu Tang Clan-Tom Petty-Weird Al insane.. anyway take a look for yourself.. and if you are lucky enough to click the BUY NOW button this Saturday at 12 o'clock (noon) on the dot you may have a slight chance of getting a ticket or two. Jealous? Yes. Yes, I am.

..And for those like me, who couldn't read half those names fast enough (stay in school kids...) here is the link to the Bonnaroo 2013 lineup.. enjoy and freak out a little bit...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rihanna x River Island

One of my favourite ready-to-wear, casual, yet still funky and edgy UK labels has to be River Island. Apparently the queen of reggae-pop-rap music (what would you call those if they all had a baby? reggpop? poraggae?... wait isn't that like oatmeal?... we'll get back to that one) shares my taste in London style. Rihanna has teamed up with River Island to bring us a mix of her own funk and edge combined the flowy silhouettes of her island roots at this year's London Fashion Week. I however, as many other fashion spectators, was left a little confused on my feelings for Rihanna (no, unfortunately I am not talking about joining the lipstick lets-be-honest crowd for her..), I am just not sure I really liked or disliked the show as a whole. The clothes reminded me of something you would wear to a nightclub... at the beach... in the 60's-ish.. 90's-ish days.. let's just say I didn't get the overall theme. There were maybe 5 whole outfits I was like... hmm... yea... that's quite cool.. and I could probably rock that and not get stoned to death by orthodox Jews  in my hood area (not that I am Jewish.. or think it's the 1800's). I just think a good rule to go by is do to other's as you would have them do to you. And I say, if I don't wanna ooggle every girl on the block's bits or have a practically naked lady having just sat on the only seat available on the streetcar... on a hot summer day (if you catch my drift), then I shall not do the same to other girls on my block or riding the rocket to their respective destinations (sounds dirtier than it is if you don't know what a ttc rocket is). Karma. That shit is real. I do think the stage was quite cool, it was like a trip down the rabbit hole, into a labyrinth in the future which was coincidentally hosting a concert... out of the box and fun for everyone with A.D.D!
Here's the show if you have 10 minutes to spare... then another 10 to sort out your thoughts on Ri-RiverIsland...

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Campaign Book

For the past year I have been intrigued by the comic book styles of Shia LaBeouf. Yes, he has come far in looks and acting skills since those quirky annoying little brother "Even Stevens" days, but now he has expanded into another facet of the art world which I truly enjoy which is making a statement in people's minds' out of doodling. The Campaign book is the title for the series of short comics, artistic doodles and short films he has created independently and published out of downtown Los Angeles. His funky and sometimes quite graphic designs are all a statement to what he believes in within relationships, politics and the world around us which gives a... just telling it how it is vibe that I enjoy... let's take a second to look through Shia LaBeouf's eyes, shall we?